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Magazine film is a quick and convenient way to shoot 16mm film!

We purchase reusable steel magazines, then have clean, 
lubricate and load them with new double-perforated film, box them up in 
their original, vintage boxes, and send them to you. To ensure we get them 
back, there is a $50 deposit on each magazine.

Kodak 50' magazines can be used in a wide variety of vintage magazine 
cameras. We've found that a tuned-up Revere Model 36 produces very stable 
images. The Bell & Howell 200, also pictured, is a little less stable but 
looks pretty cool.

Sample Magazine Film, Shot with a Revere #36 and Vision 3 50D:

Sample Magazine Film, Shot with a B&H 200 and Fuji Eterna 250D: